About Maverick House Sober Living

  • Maverick House Sober Living is where accountability and personal responsibility meet. Designed as a sober living environment for men, we provide a positive, healthy place to continue the gains that have been made in recovery.

    Our mission is to be the place of choice for recovery, not just an alternative to living on the street. Our residents must be “Plugged In” to the 12-step program.

    We are willing to screen any potential resident who can show:

    • Successful completion of any residential substance abuse program

    • Or a minimum of 30 days clean/sober and active in a 12-step program

    We will provide a safe, secure drug free environment that is focused on recovery. We can help with accessing social services (food box, food stamps, etc.) as well as supporting you with your job search (access to computers for resume writing/filling out applications online.)

Admission and Structure

  • Prior to moving in there will be a screening done on any potential resident. The screening will determine which phase you are placed into. Maverick house sober living will consist of three phases

    Phase one: is a one month process

    Phase Two: is approximately two month’s process

    Phase Three: once at phase three you can stay up to a year with us

    In Phase One your rent will be $25 per week. During this phase you will be on 5:00pm curfew unless you are with a senior resident or sponsor. You will also be responsible for completing your Phase One goals plan. Phase one goals plan includes but is not limited to:
    • Active participations in 12-step meetings
    • Attending group and individual counseling
    • Job preparation with peer support
    • Active job search.

    When you have completed your job preparation and have secured employment you may move to Phase Two

    In Phase Two your rent will be $75 per week. You will still be responsible for your goals plan, but your curfew will be changed to 10:00pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. When you have completed aftercare or outpatient counseling and your goals plan you may move to Phase Three.

    In Phase Three your rent will be $125 per week. At this point you no longer have to be accountable for curfews or goals plan. Instead you will be responsible to yourself, your peers and staff. As long as you continue to abide by the rules, you’re welcome to live a healthy life in recovery with us for up to one year.

    For more information please contact us at 623-266-8929 10:00am to 6:00pm or by email at mschlechty@nova.bz